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UltraPulse X

UltraPulse X

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Elevate your oral care experience with cutting-edge sonic technology. Our one-button start sonic brush offers a spectrum of cleansing possibilities with five modes: Clean, Polish, White, GumCare, and Sensitive. Immerse yourself in a deep cleansing experience as our 3D curved brush heads with precision cut reach every contour, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

Embrace convenience with the waterproof design (IPX7) – the entire body is washable, making maintenance a breeze. Powered by a robust 18000 RPM sonic motor, UltraPulse X delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring a refreshing and efficient brushing routine. The 3000mAh battery provides extended usage, and the 3-minute timer guarantees optimal cleaning duration.

In harmony with modern lifestyles, our USB rechargeable sonic brush promotes sustainability. The environmentally friendly case crafted from reusable plastic aligns with our commitment to both exceptional oral care and ecological responsibility. Elevate your brushing routine with UltraPulse X – where innovation meets conscientious care.

Choose UltraPulse X for a comprehensive, personalized, and environmentally conscious oral care experience

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